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A century and a half have passed following the Roman withdrawal from the British Isles, abandoning the accursed place to its plethora of chiefs and warlords. In the Kingdom of Elmet, a boy named Artorious, heir of Uther Pendragon, has pulled the sword from the king's stone and taken his place as Lord of Elmet.


None of that matters much to Riona, local witch and self-described hermit of Cornwall. Right up until a violent Saxon expansion forces her into wary allegiance with an outcast druid named Aidan. This unlikely friendship pushes Riona down a path of equal parts danger and adventure, but as their compulsory journey together continues, it becomes clear that the sins of Riona's mysterious druidic parent have left her in danger. Riona unwillingly finds herself balancing precipitously between the dying world of the druids and the burgeoning reign of King Artorious. Her mere existence has inspired enemies-enemies only Aidan can protect her from...or so they would have her believe.


Dedicated to history, but committed to the idea that Fantasy doesn't have to be mayonnaise on white bread, R. E. Levy takes on the legend of King Arthur with new eyes; injecting non-binary druids, Sasanian and Numidian Knights, queer Celts, Jewish love interests, and even a dash of plague.

Cash Guthrie was once an infamous bounty hunter, but those days are long behind her. Now she's living in self-inflicted exile as the sole purveyor of radioactive moonshine on the planet of al-Sufi.


Now Boss, a former lover, wants Cash's moonshine for Sweetwater Casino. Simple enough, until the business arrangement and reunion, are interrupted when Boss's son is kidnapped by Calvera, the smooth-talking skeezy owner of the only other casino in the city of Lead Belly. To take Calvera and his operation down, Cash must abandon her treasured anonymity, reclaim her fabled identity as The Woman in Black, and return to her gunslinging ways. Using only wits, charm, and lots of Boss' money, she recruits a new crew for one last job. And if she fails, she will lose her only shot at rekindling the long-lost love of her life.

Margaret Hatch is a good woman. She has a husband, a homestead, a baby, and always heeds her preacher. But when things in the settlement of Eden begin to go awry she can't help but feel guilty. Guilty for that night five years ago. Guilty for kissing her best friend. Guilty for wanting more than that.


Emma Johansson is not a good woman. She is loose, unmarried, and employed. Three things a woman should not be. She also happens to be in love with her best friend Margaret, something both of them have kept buried for almost all of their lives. Now the two women must reconcile their history with the terror that has taken hold of Eden. One that threatens to tear down the disguises they wear, exposing their truths to the world. They must face what they unleashed five years ago before it takes both of them, and their secret, to the grave.

Folklore is a canvas layered by generations of paint, this collection of YA LGBTQ+ fairy tale retellings, seeks to add another.


It begins with One Thousand Furs - A fresh look at the Grimm's Brothers Allerleirauh. Petra is a princess, but not in the eyes of her father, who has never accepted her. When her mother and only ally passes suddenly, King Eckhart gives her an ultimatum. Reject her identity as a woman or lose her right to the throne. Encouraged by her nursemaid and the mysterious witch of the woods, Petra runs away, bringing with her only three dresses and a coat of one thousand furs. Wandering the forest that borders her former kingdom, she is found by a mysterious Prince and brought to his palace where she must work as a scullery maid, hiding in plain sight. That is until it is announced that the midwinter festival will be celebrated with three nights of dancing. With the help of her new friend and fellow servant, Clara, Petra will make her debut as the princess she was always meant to be.

Next, Vilkas & The Three Sisters - A retelling of the classic Bluebeard tale that inspired many gothic horror stories. Danute is a witch. Unfortunately, she is also the girl chosen to be the yearly tribute to Duke Vilkas, a macabre ritual celebrated in her village for centuries that has kept them protected and prosperous. Taken to be his unwilling bride Danute must uncover the secrets behind Vilkas, the disappearance of all his previous wives, and the magic that seems to inhabit the very beams of his manor.

One Thousand Furs & Other Tales is an ongoing project exclusive to Patreon