A century and a half have passed following the Roman withdrawal from the British Isles, abandoning the accursed place to its plethora of chiefs and warlords. In the Kingdom of Elmet, a boy named Artorious, heir of Uther Pendragon, has pulled the sword from the king's stone and taken his place as Lord of Elmet.


None of that matters much to Riona, local witch and self-described hermit of Cornwall. Right up until a violent Saxon expansion forces her into wary allegiance with an outcast druid named Aidan. This unlikely friendship pushes Riona down a path of equal parts danger and adventure, but as their compulsory journey together continues, it becomes clear that the sins of Riona's mysterious druidic parent have left her in danger. Riona unwillingly finds herself balancing precipitously between the dying world of the druids and the burgeoning reign of King Artorious. Her mere existence has inspired enemies-enemies only Aidan can protect her from...or so they would have her believe.


Dedicated to history, but committed to the idea that Fantasy doesn't have to be mayonnaise on white bread, R. E. Levy takes on the legend of King Arthur with new eyes; injecting non-binary druids, Sasanian and Numidian Knights, queer Celts, Jewish love interests, and even a dash of plague.

Cash is the sole proprietor of Moonshine on the Planet of al-Sufi. Distilling this specific booze requires a precise prolonged exposure to radiation. A potentially deadly occupation, but nothing a former bounty hunter can't handle.


Cash's self-inflicted exile on The Ridge is intruded upon by a ghost from her past, a former lover. "Boss" who now runs Sweetwater Casino, one of only two casinos in Lead Belly, wants Cash's Moonshine for her customers.


Their reunion and business arrangement are interrupted by Calvera, Sweetwater's only competition and now abductor of Boss's only son. Forced to leave behind her treasured anonymity, Cash must use her wits, charm, and Boss's money, to recruit a new crew for one last job. That or lose the one and only thing she's ever held dear.

Folklore is a canvas layered and layered by generations of paint. Every story is touched by the voices that came before and the hands bringing it into the present. 


This collection of short stories aims to add yet another fresh coat with YA LGBTQ+ retellings of classic fairy tales such as: Allerleirauh, The Midnight Dance, Fitcher's Bird and many many more.