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Skills For Hire

R. E. Levy is available via Fiverr for beta + sensitivity reads, ghostwriting, and game writing.

- L. Jo King Author of Red Electron

“Finding a beta reader or editor who is honest and helpful in their critique, but also delivers it in such a way that is professional, not degrading, isn’t as easy as it should be, but Levy does exactly this. Her sharp eyes find places where improvements can be made- where you’d never have even thought- while not stomping on the author’s vision. Plus she laughs at my jokes- that’s a big bonus!”

- M. M. Williams author of Bearheart

"Levy is experienced, knowledgeable, and easy to work with. She points out what DOES work, and offers her suggestions/thoughts/criticisms in positive, constructive ways. Not to mention, she spotted problem areas and mishaps in my work that no one else had previously noticed. A killer writer and an even better person. Highly recommend!"

- CC Starfield Author of Kickflip

"I'm very happy with this beta reading service. I received comprehensive feedback on many different aspects of my manuscript in a helpful, pleasant manner. Specific concerns I had raised were addressed thoughtfully. Detailed follow-up discussions were very valuable in digging to the heart of the storytelling issues and illuminating possible solutions. Levy finished the project within the promised timeline. Would absolutely hire again."

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