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B0oks, Podcasts, and more, oh my!

R. E. Levy is one of those writers who refuses to niche down.

You can read ongoing manuscripts, listen to bonus podcasts, and just generally have a good time over on their Patreon page!

Tales From The Ridge

A space western podcast set in the lawless territory of the andromeda galaxy. One bounty hunter in particular is as infamous as they come. You never know where Cash Guthrie and her rag tag crew of gunslingers will end up next.

An anthology of witchy short-stories and unique illustrations from a wide array of artists. It can be found on R. E. Levy's Patreon to read for free, and a published version with three unseen stories and accompanying art is in the works!

The Witchlit Project

A Sapphic Gothic Horror novella set in the 1890s Dakota territory. Rivers of Eden explores themes such as religious/generational trauma, domestic violence, the supernatural, and queer identity.

Rivers of Eden

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